Dickinson County Courthouse, Spirit Lake, Iowa

Press Releases

Updates from Cities & Utilities in Dickinson County (updated 7/14 2:50pm)

Wahpeton (7/14/2024)

For Wahpeton Residents only: The DNR does not recommend flood-control sand be used in sand boxes, on beaches or in school yards.  However, the sand could be reused by spreading it on a backyard flower garden or in another limited access area.  Empty sandbags can be landfilled and should not be reused.

The Wahpeton property located west of highway 86 on 190th will be open and available for Wahpeton residents to empty their sandbags and dispose of the empty sandbags the following:

  • Thursday, July 18th from 9 A.M. to Noon
  • Saturday, July 20th from 9 A.M. to Noon
  • Saturday, July 27th from 9 A.M. to Noon

On Monday, August 19th and Monday, September 16th  there will be a city-wide sandbag collection.  Sandbags must be brought to the curb by 7 A.M. for collection.  If you need assistance getting your sandbags to the curb please stop by Wahpeton City Hall to sign up for assistance or call 712-337-3522.  Thank you

Wahpeton (7/5/2024)

Water restrictions are lifted for the remainder affected on Joy Loy Lane.

West Okoboji (7/3/2024)

  • We have lifted the water usage restriction for West Okoboji.  Our sewer levels are back in line.  There are still areas in Wahpeton and north that are still having issues on West Lake, but it is not the City of West Okoboji.
  • City Hall will be closed tomorrow, but I will back in on Friday. 
  • If you have storm debris or still cleaning up your basement:  keep separating it on your property (please see the debris separator on city website on how to do it), or if you have a fob you can bring it up to city hall and please follow the designated areas south of the city shed.
  • I want to say a personal THANK YOU!  For all those who volunteered or brought food/water for the sandbagging last week on Jones Beach.  We have many wonderful helpers and groups (City of Milford) C&B Lake Park Deere, Bob Cornell construction, City Guys, Tony and Shelia Thelen, VanBeek and Block family for letting us sandbag on their property, Mike Ehret-Dickinson County EM, Steve Anderson-Spirit Lake Softball and Soccer players, Faith in Action- youth group (look them up on Facebook these are hardworking young men!) all the countless others I forgot (I apologize if I missed you but know I really appreciated all of you - my mind is still rolling with trying to get FEMA here!)
  • Also if you did not sign in and volunteered let me know what day and how long so I can record it for my FEMA log
  • Please be patient with the city, we have A LOT of clean up to be done and repairs throughout our city.  If you have concerns call me at city hall and we will get to it as soon as possible.  This is not going to be a quick process.  At this point the Beach is one of our last places for clean-up, debris removal from residents, road safety, and tree safety removal will take priority.  There are a lot of things that are under the water and not safe to swim out in the beach area and we cannot do much until the water recedes.  So the beach will remain closed until further notice.

Countywide (6/28/2024)

The American Red Cross has cleanup kits (buckets with mop, squeegee, cleaning solution, gloves, etc.), and other supplies at the Dickinson County Fairgrounds at 15th Street and Peoria Avenue in Spirit Lake. Anyone who needs these items can stop out and pick them up until 6:00pm tonight, while their supplies last.

Wahpeton (6/28/2024)

Eagle Point area: Water use restrictions are lifted.

Wahpeton (6/27/2024)

Water restrictions are lifted for those residents on Jerdee and the westerly portion of Joy Loy. Those on Joy Loy who are still restricted are being notified, and port-a-pots are being placed in the area. Be advised that there is sewage in the standing floodwater — caution is advised.

Wahpeton (6/27/2024)

To get you services, the IGLSD is pumping the lift station on Jerdee Ln into the canal, and the DNR has been contacted.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources (6/27/2024)

While some parts of Iowa continue to experience high and rising flood waters, other communities are in recovery and clean-up mode. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) encourages people to put safety first and avoid flood waters until after they recede.

Many rivers and lakes in Iowa are unsafe for swimming or boating due to fast currents, floating debris, hidden obstacles, and the potential of bacteria. Boaters and paddlers should plan ahead as additional areas may become unsafe as flood waters move downstream.

State Park Impacts

  • Iowa Great Lakes area – several state park beaches, docks and ramps are still underwater. Gull Point park and campground are closed. Existing campground reservations at Emerson Bay, Elinor Bedell, and Marble Beach are being honored, but new reservations or walk-in camping are unavailable through at least July 7. All other parks in the region remain open but caution is advised.

Statewide (6/27/2024)

Homeowners needing assistance with cleanup and temporary home repairs due to the recent flooding can register for Crisis Cleanup. Cleanup and repairs include, but are not limited to:

  • Basement Clean Out
  • Debris Removal
  • Mold Remediation
  • Chainsaw Work
  • Tarping and Securing Homes

Call 1-800-447-1985 to register. Visit disasterrecovery.iowa.gov for additional resources and information.

Dickinson County (6/26/2024)

Residents of unincorporated areas: Starting Friday, June 28, the County is making roll-off dumpsters available to residents of the unincorporated areas of Dickinson County at these locations:

  • Spirit Lake Maintenance Facility (1490 255th Avenue - just south of FedEx)
  • Milford Maintenance Facility (2246 220th Street - ½ mile east of Highway 71/Catholic Church corner - located east of the maintenance building near the hoop building where the sandbags are)

You may dispose of carpet, wood, etc. that was damaged in the recent storms. Electronics and appliances will need to be taken to the Regional Collection Center at 2260 220th Street. Disposal fees at the recycling center will still apply. Their hours and fees can be found on their website at https://dickinsoncountyconservationboard.com/rcc/.

West Okoboji (6/26/2024)

Please limit water usage to help take a strain off of the sewer. Make sure your sump pump is pumping outside and not into the sanitary sewer. 

Debris removal: There are dumpsters at City Hall to drop off debris, but please look on City Website on how to sort the debris. City workers will be picking up debris at homes too as long as it is sorted

Jones Beach will have one more morning of sandbagging on Thursday the 27th.  Volunteers are welcome start at 9 until piles are finished.

Milford (6/26/2024)

Starting today June 26, 2024 the City of Milford will have a dumpster site available at Memorial Park on 17th Street (see map below).  Please note:

  • These dumpsters are for the CITY OF MILFORD RESIDENTS ONLY (residing within Milford City Limits)
  • Debris must be fully contained within the dumpsters
  • No green waste, hazardous waste, white goods or electronics are accepted at this location. Please dispose of these items at the Dickinson County Regional Collection Center, 2260 220th St, Milford (these items will have a charge)
  • The dumpsters will be available until July 2, 2024 @ 10am.  The site is monitored, so please respect the rules and avoid illegal dumping.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Wahpeton (6/26/2024)

For those in the canals, if you have a garage floor drain that is connected to the sewer, please plug it to help relieve the sewer system.

Arnolds Park (6/26/2024)

The City of Arnolds Park will be picking up flood damaged items on Tuesday, July 16.  Tags for appliances and furniture are required and can be purchased at City Hall.  Place small items into boxes or bags.  Items such as carpet, drywall, and lumber must be cut into pieces no longer than 4-feet in length and separated into piles.  No hazardous items such as oil, paint, pesticides, weed control products, etc. will be picked up.  Please have all items curbside by 7 a.m. on Tuesday, July 16.

Wahpeton (6/25/2024)

A roll-off container has been placed in the parking lot of the green space for the collection of flood-damaged materials. Please be respectful and place all materials in the roll-off; if abused, the roll-off will be removed. No electronics or hazardous waste allowed.

Sanitary District (6/25/2024)

The Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District has been in contact with a few of the cities on the condition of their sewer systems, where we are seeing major improvements in the last 12 hours. For the Sanitary District system, water restrictions for the public sewer are being lifted around Big Spirit Lake and the East side of East Okoboji, Upper Gar, Minnewashta, and Lower Gar Lakes.  After talking with staff at these cities, water restrictions for public sewer are being lifted in the cities of Spirit Lake, Arnolds Park, Orleans and Milford.

We are still seeing high flows and by-passing sewer at several locations on West Okoboji and the west side of East Okoboji. The Sanitary District staff is running 24 hour operations and moving resources when we can to get the sewer system so that it is not overloaded with water.

Spirit Lake (6/25/2024)

There are reports that residents are being told and/or are hearing there may be concerns about the water in the City of Spirit Lake, whether for homes or businesses. As mentioned in an area update from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources yesterday, there are no issues with drinking water in the City of Spirit Lake. The water plant has had no issues at all with water treatment before or during recent events. There is no reason to expect there will be any issues, but if any ever arise the public would be notified immediately and through all available means. If you have questions please feel free to contact the water plant or City Hall, but again there are no concerns about the treated water. Thank you!

Lake Park (6/24/2024)

The City of Lake Park will have dumpsters available, by the end of the day, in the north parking lot at Stan’s Corner for you to dispose of items receiving water damage. Appliances or electronics that have been damaged by water may be taken to the east side of the parking lot at the city shed until June 30 without the purchase of a tag.

Okoboji (6/24/2024)

Curbside Pickup and Dumpster Services for Flood Debris...Starting today, the City of Okoboji will begin curbside pickup of carpet, flooring, and carpet padding. This service will continue for at least the next week as City Staff work through the area. Please ensure all materials are placed curbside in neat, bundled piles for efficient removal. You do not need to contact City Hall; staff will monitor and collect on an as-needed basis in between other tasks.

Additionally, two dumpsters will be available at the Public Works facility, located at 1106 Depot Avenue. These dumpsters are for disposing of water-damaged items, recovered dock debris, and other flood-related debris. Please note:

  • These dumpsters are for CITY OF OKOBOJI RESIDENTS ONLY.
  • Debris must be fully contained within the dumpsters.
  • No green waste or hazardous waste is accepted.

The dumpsters will be available until July 2, 2024. The site is monitored, so please respect the rules and avoid illegal dumping.

Thank you for your cooperation as we work together to recover from this past week’s events.

Spirit Lake (6/24/2024)

The City of Spirit Lake Street, Parks, and Sanitation Department will be picking up carpet and carpet padding at the curb starting today and continuing until further notice (but likely a few weeks as more is removed).  They will be getting carpet and carpet padding as time allows with all the other demands for service that are occurring, so it could be a day or two or more before they get to a particular location but they will get there and there is no need to call and arrange for pickup.  For trash, construction debris, etc. residents are encouraged to call and arrange for dumpsters if needed so those kinds of things can be handled safely and efficiently as we all move forward with cleaning up. Thank you for your kind cooperation!

Wahpeton (6/24/2024)

Garbage will be collected Tuesday (June 25) in areas they can access.

Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District (6/24/2024)

If you had a sewer backup, the Sanitary District is asking you to complete this form. This is for their data purposes only. For claims, please reach out to your insurance company.

Terril (6/23/2024)

Because of our devastating storms and flooding of basements and people unable to get a dumpster, we will be providing an extra clean-up day. Harris Sanitation has agreed to provide this extra service for our citizens on Thursday, June 27th. Please have everything out by the road by 8:00a.m. All clean-up day rules still apply! Please make sure containers are light enough for the guys to lift and nothing over five (5) feet long. Also they will NOT pickup appliances. - Mayor Julie Thiesen